Facial/Peel Guidelines


  1. No open sores/fever blisters
  2. No facial waxing within 48 hours
  3. No laser hair removal/electrolysis within 48 hours
  4. No Botox or injectables within a week
  5. No use of prescription Retinoids (i.e. Retina-A/Renova) or topical meds within one week
  6. No dermaplaning or microderm within one week
  7. No Accutane within 6 months
  8. No chemotherapy or radiation within 6 months
  9. No facial surgery or facial laser treatment within 6 months.  


  1. Not nursing or pregnant
  2. Not sunburned, windburned or very dry
  3. No open wounds/active cold sores
  4. No use of prescription Retina-A, Renova, Tazorac, Differin, EpiDuo, Avage or Ziana 7 days before peel
  5. No Accutane in the last 6 months
  6. No laser or facial surgery in the last 6 months
  7. No facial waxing 5 days before peel
  8. No facials or microdermabrasion treatments 2 weeks before peel
  9. No Botox or fillers 7 days before peel
  10. No exercise day of peel (and 2 days following peel)
  11. No extended or direct sun exposure or tanning at least 5 days before peel 

Post Care Instructions will be discussed prior to your appointment.  Peel service includes a complimentary 5-piece home care kit to ensure proper post care treatment.